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No, YOU Cease & Desist!

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Exit 6 (a small brewery in Missouri) got a cease & desist letter from Starbucks. Blah blah blah, you used our trademark "Frappuccino" to sell a couple of beers and we'll sue your underoos straight off if you don'...

‘Tis The Season (for stouts & porters)

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Brewbound has a great write-up on the underappreciated dark beer styles, just in time for your a contrasted white Christmas.  The rub is pretty obvious to anyone that's ever talked about beer with a novice: “When i...

America’s First Trappist

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According to the International Trappist Association (who gets to decide such things), Spencer Brewing operating out of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA has an official Trappist product. The beer is blond with 6.5% a...

Thanksgiving: Pairing Beers with Pure, Wonderful Gluttony

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There is an exhaustive list of recommendation over at Serious Eats. Everything from Belgian sours to nutty browns is on the table if you will (I crack me up), but the closest thing to a consensus seems to be the cu...

Dogfish Head piles on the low-alcohol year-round release trend

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Yep, Namaste is going year-round. Dogfish will transition Namaste, the company’s 4.8 percent, Belgian-style white beer — previously available only in 750 mL champagne-style bottles on a limited basis — into regularly...

Forget the Black Friday deals and get drunk

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Lakefront is once again making a special one-off batch to be released on Black Friday.  Even if you hit them up to avoid the horrorscape of holiday-crazed shoppers, you may still have to get up early and get in line. ...

All aboard the SS Dry Hop – Cigar City literally dry hopping at sea

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Cigar City is brewing an IPA in Puerto Rico and dry hopping it during the return voyage to Tampa. Don't that beat all? Cigar City is currently brewing about 200 barrels of the beer at a time in Puerto Rico, dry-ho...

How fresh is your beer?

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Clearly the beer is 7 stars and Full-Lion old. Dan over at calls out the non-dating breweries. What really bothers me, more than breweries that flat out don’t label, are breweries that make it diff...

Mission fires 32oz craft “cannons”

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Every wanted a double IPA as big as your face?  Yearn no more, me hearties. The move to quart cans came about earlier this year when Mission founder Dan Selis was in a meeting with his local distributor. “One of thei...

Terrapin & Saw Works collaborate on Georgia/Tennesse rivalry beer

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In celebration of this week's classic football match-up between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the University of Tennessee Volunteers, these 2 "rival" brewers have set aside their differences for a collaborati...