We have compiled some of the Frequently Asked Questions from the Periodic ThemeForest comment area to better assist you with customization and troubleshooting. If your particular question is still not answered here, or in the Periodic User Guide, please feel free to post your question and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Periodic Troubleshooting Checklist

Please make sure you have completed the following steps, if you are experiencing problems with Periodic. Once you have completed these steps, please continue to the Frequently Asked Questions lists. If your particular problem still persists, please contact us immediately for technical support.


  • Please check that you are running the latest available version of Periodic. If you have purchased Periodic, you are eligible for free downloads of all available updates. Past issues have been resolved and new functionality introduced with each update.
  • For optimal compatibility, it is recommended that your server runs PHP5. If your server is running PHP4, please upgrade to PHP5.
  • Please disable all 3rd party plug ins. These plug ins often cause conflicts with themes as they may not be properly coded. If your problem ceases after disabling all 3rd party plug ins, enable each one, individually, to further investigate the problem. We do not offer support for 3rd party plug ins.


Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions list is based on user feedback from ThemeForest.

My images are not fitting the designated areas throughout the theme?
Periodic will create 10 thumbnails using the WordPress featured image function. These thumbnails will be used in various locations of the theme, as needed. In order to ensure that your image will fit all designated areas, please start with an image whose minimum dimensions are 800×600. Larger images will work better but anything smaller than 800×600 will produce undesired results.
I have enabled the Home Page category block, but nothing shows up?
If you have enabled any of the home page category blocks and a list of recent posts from the assinged category does not appear, please make sure that you have posts assigned to this category. Also make sure you have assigned a category from the Choose a Category drop down and click Save Options.
The jQuery from the demo is not working on my site?
Periodic will properly call for the jQuery 1.4.4 library from the Google Apps server. Also bundled with the theme are several jQuery plug ins (jQuery Cycle, Fancybox and jQuery UI). Several 3rd party WordPress plug ins will not check to see if you are currently running jQuery on your site and will install an additional instance. This will cause an immediate conflict and stop all scripts from running. Disable all 3rd party plug ins to see if your problem persists. If your problem does not persist, you know that you are running a plug in that is causing the conflict.