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Jim Koch picks a dream 6 pack

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Jim Koch (Sam Adams founder) gives an interesting list of beers he'd like to have in a dream six pack and explains his love of each. He mostly keeps it simple. In the 1990s, Rob Tod was learning to use a jackhamme...

Jim Koch’s bonus structure makes no sense

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Jim Koch (of Sam Adams fame) is truly wealthy these days, but his bonus reflects a more humble business approach.  BusinessWeek has the full break-down. But the bonus formula devised by the company’s board rewards Ko...

Kentucky Breakfast Stout Hypestravaganza 2015

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It's that time of year.  Time to buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms to purchase a couple of beers.  I'm not joking. This years annual circus of insanity includes vacation packages and a whole week of events and...

Lagunitas alleges 420-related demands from SweetWater

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In a series of fairly weird tweets, Tony Magee of Lagunitas fame has accused SweetWater(though not by name) of sending him a cease and desist letter about the use of 420 on some Langunitas brews.

Learning about Sours

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I enjoy a lot of the sours I've had--one of my go-to hot weather beers is Westbrook Gose, even.  But I still don't know terribly much about how they're made.  I came across an interesting article with some good info. ...

Left Hand’s Tripel returns!

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It's back! It's not the best tripel in the world, but as it's an intersection of a much-loved brewery and one of my favorite styles, I was surely sad to see it disappear.  I suppose a renewed vigor for Belgian appr...

Let’s get drunk and ride bikes!

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RAGBRAI is an annual 6-day bike ride across the entire state of Iowa.   If you've ever been on a bike for even just a few hours, you know how great it feels to hop off and grab a cold one. The Iowa Brewers guild ha...

Macau Beer Culture

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Everyone should definitely read the great travel write-up over at Zythophile about finding craft beer in Macau. When you CAN find it, it’s a pleasant enough mid-gold beer at the malty end of the rainbow, refreshing c...

Magic Hat, West Sixth kiss and make up

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Or something like that. To the extent West Sixth in any way represented that Magic Hat filed a frivolous lawsuit, that Magic Hat initiated litigation improperly, that Magic Hat was unresponsive in negotiating a resol...

Michael Jackson saved Saison

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I missed this a couple of weeks ago but it's worth sharing now.  There are just a few "must-read" articles about beer every year and this is one of them. Writer Michael Jackson, who called Saison Dupont “a down-to-ea...