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Women brewed Bombshell Brewery of Holly Springs, NC has concocted a custom local blend of Strawberries and Cream Summer Ale. The new summer specialty is a light offering at 5% ABV which makes it perfect for a back porch sipping session on a warm summer evening. It’s a clear, rich golden pour featuring palisades hops. There is a lightly floral scent that imparts a subtle aroma of strawberries which stays consistent throughout the drink. The strawberry flavor itself is fairly subtle lending itself to more of a general light fruitiness, and the beer goes down smooth with a nice creamy finish. Very approachable for craft beer novices.

Rating 7/10

Grain: Pale, Wheat & Lactose
Hops: Pallisades
ABV: 5%IBU’s: 12

Strawberries and Cream Summer Ale



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