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high seas

Cigar City is brewing an IPA in Puerto Rico and dry hopping it during the return voyage to Tampa.

Don’t that beat all?

Cigar City is currently brewing about 200 barrels of the beer at a time in Puerto Rico, dry-hopping the beer as it sails across the Atlantic Ocean and then packaging it in cans when it finally arrives in Tampa – a process that takes about nine days, said Redner. The company is also planning to brew multiple variations on the current, 7-percent ABV Caribbean-Style IPA. Each time, the beer will be dry-hopped with a different hop varietal and the next two releases will feature Ahtanum and Citra hops, Redner said.

I’m not sure it will make it any tastier, but the concept is still delightfully novel.  I have no doubt that it will be delicious, as this brewery’s history with IPAs is beyond reproach.

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