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Exit 6

Exit 6 (a small brewery in Missouri) got a cease & desist letter from Starbucks.

Blah blah blah, you used our trademark “Frappuccino” to sell a couple of beers and we’ll sue your underoos straight off if you don’t quit it blah blah blah

Well I’m paraphrasing there, but you know how those letters usually go.  Anyhow, the folks at Exit 6 loaded up the snark cannon to full blast and let ’em have it.  Here’s a quote from the actual response:

But know this, Exit 6 has ceased and desisted all use of the F Word and there will be absolutely no further use of the F Word in the naming of any future Exit 6 beers.  We tried to contact the website Untappd to tell them to remove the beer called F Word but it looks like you guys beat us to it.  Those lawyer fees go a long way. We also promise to stop production of our “Starbuck-McDonalds-CocaCola-Marlboro Honey Lager” for fear of further repercussions.

The cherry on top of the sarcasm sundae is the fact that they sent them a $6 check.  Six dollars.  They might as well have written “up yours” on the for line.

Once again, a small brewery turns corporate legal bullying into free publicity.  High fives all around, Exit 6!




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