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Stout vs. Porter

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You may have heard some definitive distinction that seperates these two styles but whoever told you that was probably just passing along nonsense. Roasted barley. That’s the usual explanation of what separates porter...

Fall Seasonals, now in Summer!

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The first day of fall is nearly a month away, but... The annual pumpkin spice apocalypse is already upon us.  Woe upon your house parties, for they will be stocked with the gnarliest of seasonals.  No wizard or pri...

A hangover by any other name

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Brookston has a great piece compiling information on the history of the term "hangover" and other phrases that have been used. Believe it or not, apparently the word “hangover,” meaning “a severe headache or other af...

Beer Cocktails – Yay or Nay?

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For better or worse, I've started seeing a lot more beer cocktails showing up on menus. These range from your garden variety Shandies and Radlers (which are also increasingly common packaged straight from the brewerie...

Like Beer? Try Whiskey!

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SommBeer--a pretty cool blog if you haven't checked it out before--has some advice for the craft beer fan on how to approach whiskey. Whiskey and beer, although they are completely different kinds of alcohol, they ar...

NFL punter is apparently also experienced homebrewer

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NFL preseason starts up in little more than a week and All About Beer has a nice little piece about NFL punter Brandon Fields and how he gets his jollies during the offseason. Fields scored big, though, with a pumpki...

Happy Birthday, America!

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Independence Day is a fine reminder of our country's relationship with and contributions to beer.  From a founding father being plastered on a zillion bottles of beer bearing his namesake to the exploding craft brewin...

Brewers adapt to changing climate

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Brewing has been a highly adaptive endeavor  for hundreds of years.  Everything from using the abundance of the wheat crop to adjusting recipes to new temperatures has led not only to plentiful availability but highly...

Say what?! Jester King is using green glass on purpose!

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Many will find themselves unable-to-even with this. While green bottles permit the risk of light struck/skunky character, I feel they add character, even beyond skunkiness. So many breweries have attempted to mimic t...

States ranked by “most solid” beer

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Beer graphs compared the BAR25 (the combined aggregate quality of the top quarter of a brewery's offering) and solid% state by state.  The results are actually pretty intriguing! Pour yourself a delicious frosty mu...