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Brewing has been a highly adaptive endeavor  for hundreds of years.  Everything from using the abundance of the wheat crop to adjusting recipes to new temperatures has led not only to plentiful availability but highly-celebrated variety.  The march of adaptation continues.

New England has been battling some of the most brutal winters on record, forcing Egelston to reckon with the shifting power of Mother Nature. And he’s not alone. Breweries around the country (and beyond) are grappling with their own climate and weather woes, and many are coming up with creative ways to adjust to their changing environments.

Some of the innovations are quite novel:

…a CO2 recovery system to capture the gas that’s created during fermentation and recycle it back into operations. “This not only prevents CO2 from fermentation from immediately entering the atmosphere, but eliminates almost all of the need to purchase CO2 which eliminates a great deal of trucks from the road,” she says.

Some would say that simply releasing non-pasteurized beer cuts out the need for such a complex system but that’s a pretty large can of worms.

The whole article is worth a look.


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