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Whether you have Celiac and are actually gluten-sensitive or you’re just an ill-informed trend-humper avoiding gluten just to be annoying to waiters (I kid), gluten-free barley for brewing could be a Very Big Deal(tm).

Developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the product, called Kebari barley, has already drawn interest from a number of commercial breweries. One German brewery, Radeberger, has already ordered 70 tons of the product.

If this stuff produces a product somewhat indistinguishable from traditional malt then this could really blow up in a hurry thanks to current dietary trends.

While Kebari is not 100 percent gluten-free, it is bred to contain “10,000 times less gluten than traditional strains, or about 5 parts of gluten per million, well below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 20 parts per million for classification as a gluten-free grain,” according to Reuters.

From what I know about PPM levels from my gluten-sensitive friends and family then that ought to do it!




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