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Hard root beers

But it probably is.

I’m sure some brands will stick around longer than others and there will always be some portion of the shelf for flavored malt beverages but I don’t really buy what the manufacturers are selling.

“It is going to be much bigger than cider,” Kashper said. “Hard root beer is here to stay.”

Bigger than cider? Oh, hush.  I don’t think the paleo/crossfit types are going to be gulping these down for starters.  And we’ve just seen this movie too many times before.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that brewers were stacking cases of energy drink-inspired FMBs in supermarkets and liquor stores, trying with berry flavored, caffeine-enhanced malternatives to plug the hole blown into their on-premise accounts by so many Red Bull-and-vodkas.

Remember all those glowing cases of gross energy drink booze concoctions several years ago? Every bar seemed to have them. I didn’t ever see anyone consuming one.

People will get over it and come back to beer before too long.




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