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All aboard the SS Dry Hop – Cigar City literally dry hopping at sea

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Cigar City is brewing an IPA in Puerto Rico and dry hopping it during the return voyage to Tampa. Don't that beat all? Cigar City is currently brewing about 200 barrels of the beer at a time in Puerto Rico, dry-ho...

All Day IPA tops Founders sales already

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I knew this stuff was good and incredibly drinkable but I'm surprised that this 3-month old product is already beating Founders more storied/famous beers in terms of sales. I'd expect this to lead to more than a fe...

Amber is the color of your energy (and beer)

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If Iron Maiden and Hanson can have their own beers, why not Omaha rockers 311? The Omaha band has teamed up Rock Brothers in Tampa, Fla., and Nebraska Brewing in Papillion, Neb., bassist Aaron “P Nut” Wills confirmed...

America’s First Trappist

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According to the International Trappist Association (who gets to decide such things), Spencer Brewing operating out of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA has an official Trappist product. The beer is blond with 6.5% a...

An empty beer festival in Denver? How, even?

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It was a real thing that happened. Sierra Nevada had room for 5,000 people, but ended up admitting only about 1,600. That meant no line at the entrance, no lines for beers -- the longest was about five people at t...

Ancient whale bone beer because hell yes, that’s why.

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A user on Reddit posted today about attending the release of Lost Rhino Bone Duster. Director of field research of Paleo Quest came up with the crazy (but cool!) idea to swab some of the fossils Jason had found on hi...

And of course, Donald Trump themed beers hit the market

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As far as I can tell, Griffin Claw out of Detroit was first to the trend. According to the label, the stout has "Huuuuge flavor." Ugh. Kill me. 5 Rabbit out of Chicago is cashing in on the anti-trump crowd. Now,...

And the winner is…Granola!

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Dogfish Head's Grateful Dead themed beer finally has its final ingredient, selected from over 1500 submissions from fans that tied a story to their suggestion. While the story is great, it's hard to deny the brewin...

Anheuser-Busch slashing prices of Shock Top, Goose Island

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It's a clever marketing strategy. It seems AB distributors in parts of Oregon and Washington (the reach of the campaign is uncertain) have issued updated price lists containing massive price drops on the Shock Top an...

Are beers getting generally crappier?

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Michael Agnew at GrowlerMag seems to think so. I’m talking about beer with real, quantifiable flaws. I mean seriously under-attenuated beers that taste like wort. Diacetyl-laden butter bombs. Flat-tasting beers with ...