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If Iron Maiden and Hanson can have their own beers, why not Omaha rockers 311?

The Omaha band has teamed up Rock Brothers in Tampa, Fla., and Nebraska Brewing in Papillion, Neb., bassist Aaron “P Nut” Wills confirmed in a tweet today while on their 311 Cruise Through the Caribbean.

Also involved in the project is Cigar City in Tampa, a partner of Rock Brothers, explained Nebraska Brewing co-owner Paul Kavulak to this afternoon.

If Cigar City is even tangentially involved then I’m on board.

My suggestions for future 311 beer brands:

  • “P Nut”butter porter
  • Blue Album Red Ale
  • Off Beat Bear Ale
  • Come Originale
  • From Chaos wild-yeast Saison

…I could do this all day.

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