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Creepy beer is creepy (and probably delicious)

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This thing definitely wins the award for most disturbing namesake that I'm aware of, but it also sounds incredible.  Anyone in Texas want to ship me a bottle? The second release in our Legendary Series, La Dame du La...

Mission fires 32oz craft “cannons”

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Every wanted a double IPA as big as your face?  Yearn no more, me hearties. The move to quart cans came about earlier this year when Mission founder Dan Selis was in a meeting with his local distributor. “One of thei...

A kid-friendly beer experience

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(hat tip to the Mashup group "Kids at the Bar" for their awesome logos) All About Beer has a piece about a much-needed relief for beer-loving parents. Mike Rangel had just filed the application to serve liquor at ...

Fall Seasonals, now in Summer!

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The first day of fall is nearly a month away, but... The annual pumpkin spice apocalypse is already upon us.  Woe upon your house parties, for they will be stocked with the gnarliest of seasonals.  No wizard or pri...

Boston Lager comes to cans

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In a move as predictable as it will be appreciated, Boston Lager is being canned and is available as of this week. Remember: not everyone has access to a wide range of craft beer.  As someone who always appreciated...

Breaking Brew: ABQ-based Marble Brewery makes a Walter White tribute

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According to this photo on instagram (which has some credible imagery for confirmation to say the least), it's going to be an India Black Ale called Heisenberg's Dark. Albuquerque based @marblebrewery will be brewing...

Bud Light is even more popular than you might think.

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Holy crap: that's a lot of Bud Light. [Bold added for emphasis:]  If you add up every case of imported beer, craft beer, hard cider, and flavored malt beverages sold in 2013, you get 270,194,987. Bud Light sold 294,7...

Budweiser’s incoherent and stupid super bowl ad

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You probably saw it and choked on your robust barrel-aged imperial stout or your delicate, finely crafted Schwartzbier. Paste has the best response I've seen. “This is the only beer Beechwood Aged” “Alright guy...

2015’s best new IPAs

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Mostly-wine-sometimes-beer site Vinepair has an interesting list.  I do like the humility in this disclaimer: Here are eight of the best and most interesting new IPAs I was lucky enough to stumble across this year. (...

Brewdog getting their own TV show!

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Good news for anyone that has been following these guys (or just wants more beer-related television programming): This brilliant new series will premier on the brand spanking new Esquire network, set to debut in the ...