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Cheers, Star Wars fans!

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You knew it was coming... The marketing is strong with this one. Wit’s End has already begun their celebration, previewing one of their Star Wars themed beers from Tuesday to Thursday, leading up to the movie rele...

2015’s best new IPAs

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Mostly-wine-sometimes-beer site Vinepair has an interesting list.  I do like the humility in this disclaimer: Here are eight of the best and most interesting new IPAs I was lucky enough to stumble across this year. (...

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout returns November 2016

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Not much else to say about this other than man your harpoons, whale-hunters. In case you're unfamiliar, this is a truly gigantic stout that is among the best beers for aging ever created. Brewed with a ridiculous ...

Founders Brewing’s Dave Engbers talks swinging for the fences

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Paste has a short interview with Dave about how they really turned it around with Dirty Bastard. Dirty Bastard was really the beer that got us on the right path where we broke out of our shell. It gave us the confide...

Think of the children!

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I've been going through some articles I missed this year and have found some gems.  This one from Porch Drinking is great.  It's about the Ben & Jerry's / New Belgium cross promotion from earlier this year. “It’s...

Stalk the Whales – A Strategy Guide

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Beergraphs has a good primer on how to think about grabbing the stuff that goes quick. If they’ve got a great selection, there’s a chance that the really great selection is chilling in the cooler out of sight. This ...

Dogfish Head’s private capital infusion

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The big beer news this week is that Dogfish Head has sold a 15% stake to a private equity firm. Specific financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. On its website, LNK said it typically invests between $5...

Learning about Sours

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I enjoy a lot of the sours I've had--one of my go-to hot weather beers is Westbrook Gose, even.  But I still don't know terribly much about how they're made.  I came across an interesting article with some good info. ...

Ride the Lager – Metallica limited edition Budweiser

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No, this is not a joke. Well, it kind of is. But I'm not sure who's supposed to be laughing. According to Le Journal de Québec, METALLICA has teamed up with Labatt to produce a limited-edition run of METALLICA-bra...

Beer Reviewing Pros and Cons

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All About Beer has a very thoughtful (and thorough) piece on the ups and downs that go along with the avalanche of beer feedback available nowadays. “The beer websites, in particular the forum community on BeerAdvoca...