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The big beer news this week is that Dogfish Head has sold a 15% stake to a private equity firm.

Specific financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. On its website, LNK said it typically invests between $50 — $150 million. Half of those investments are for minority equity positions, according to the firm.

Beer Street Journal keys in on some important points.

Before the “buy-out/sell-out” accusations swirl, it is brewery founder Sam Calagione’s ultimate plan to buy back the equity stake in the coming years.

Some important things to note about this transaction (as noted by the brewery). This equity deal is NOT a move towards a Dogfish Head IPO, or majority ownership. The brewery is family run, and will remain so. The equity acquisition is move for smart growth, not fast growth.

That’s important to note. This is not like Lagunitas selling a huge portion to Heineken, or Goose Island selling out to AB-Inbev.  This is simply a business getting capital for growth, while retaining full control and every intent to buy back the stake.

And if you live in a state currently outside the Dogfish Head distribution network (like me) this can only be seen as good news.


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