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I’ve been going through some articles I missed this year and have found some gems.  This one from Porch Drinking is great.  It’s about the Ben & Jerry’s / New Belgium cross promotion from earlier this year.

“It’s a crass, corporate greedy move to put a brand name like Ben & Jerry’s on a beer,” says Bruce Lee Livingston, executive director and CEO of Alcohol Justice, an alcohol industry watchdog consumer group. “It’s bad for children — who will start looking at beer as the next step after ice cream.”

Ha! Sure. Ok.  The article’s author has a lot of amusing responses to that testament to logical thinking.

Craft beer is clearly the stepping stone for childhood alcoholism, because children can afford it, and their parents can’t be held responsible to teach right from wrong, and because no other harmful industries like fast food, junk food, cigarettes, basically every Super Bowl ad ever, blatantly market harmful products to children.

Anyone upset about beer/ice-cream hybrids needs to settle down and try a coffee stout ice cream float.  Delicious.

Read the whole thing, though–it’s a good rant.




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