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Ranking the states by their beer

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[map via] Thrillist has a piece over at Yahoo news ranking all 50 states by the quality and variety of beer they produce. Rankings are as fun as they are controversial.  This list comes just in time...

“Bilbo, have you been at the Gaffer’s home brew?”

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Hobbit-branded beers coming very soon. The Hobbit is getting its own beer series thanks to a new partnership between Fish Brewing, Ocean Brands, LLC and BevLink, LLC. Though the feature film, The Battle of the Five A...

British excise tax cuts are growing local beer industry

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This just in from the Department of "Duh":  Cutting taxes on small businesses grows the market segment.  There are now more breweries of all sizes in the United States than at any time since the 1880s. A big reason f...

Bigfoot is tall (as in vertical)

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Paste has a vertical tasting review that will make all barleywine lovers drool. Not everyone has the patience and discipline to buy and save the same beer for eight consecutive beers, but I can tell you the payoff of...

An empty beer festival in Denver? How, even?

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It was a real thing that happened. Sierra Nevada had room for 5,000 people, but ended up admitting only about 1,600. That meant no line at the entrance, no lines for beers -- the longest was about five people at t...

Stone needs your money?

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That's what they're claiming, anyway. Take a peek at the location we've secured in Berlin, complete with Death Star window and accompanied by sufficient space to create a truly magnificent experience worthy of flavor...

Some real talk about Lager

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Hot Rum Cow has a good write-up on why you shouldn't dismiss lagers as pale, flavorless abominations.  Simply put, you're probably just not drinking the right ones. The style has been open to abuse by unscrupulous br...

Don’t feel bad if you don’t homebrew

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I'm somebody that has always felt a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of homebrewing.  I've never taken the plunge, but it always seemed like an expensive and impractical hobby.  From a distance, it also always seemed t...

Let’s get drunk and ride bikes!

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RAGBRAI is an annual 6-day bike ride across the entire state of Iowa.   If you've ever been on a bike for even just a few hours, you know how great it feels to hop off and grab a cold one. The Iowa Brewers guild ha...

Before the glory: Oregon’s humble beer origins

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Tom Acitelli over at All About Beer has a nice, short read about Oregon's beer culture origins.  It wasn't always so potent. It was not a hit with consumers, nor were subsequent batches. “The beer wasn’t great and th...