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First Beer of the Weekend – 6/19/2015

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When you're glad about summer beer flavors but still want to end up bruising your hip from stumbling into a door frame, there's only one solution: Imperial Pilsner. Today I've got my hands on this one from Yellowha...

Say what?! Jester King is using green glass on purpose!

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Many will find themselves unable-to-even with this. While green bottles permit the risk of light struck/skunky character, I feel they add character, even beyond skunkiness. So many breweries have attempted to mimic t...

States ranked by “most solid” beer

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Beer graphs compared the BAR25 (the combined aggregate quality of the top quarter of a brewery's offering) and solid% state by state.  The results are actually pretty intriguing! Pour yourself a delicious frosty mu...

New documentary series on San Diego beer from PBS

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It's called "Kings of the Craft".  Check out the trailer above. Debuts this Thursday, May 21st at 9pm on PBS stations and will be streaming online the following day.

Bells announces participants for 30th anniversary fest

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Bells is inviting breweries from all of the country to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  Full list is here. Most of the usual suspects are here but there's some very distant and relatively small breweries on the l...

Great article on beer aging

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Complete with a review of an 18-year-old (!!) barleywine. There's a ton of great info, getting into the weeds with the specifics: You’ll also notice that ribes, a quality associated with blackcurrant, is on both l...

Sam Adams is bringing back one of their discontinued beers

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Full scoop at the full pint. Samuel Adams brewers will pull recipes from their “vault” and ultimately choose two winning brews to be re-released nationally for a limited time. Through online and in-person voting, dri...

The guy suing over Blue Moon is an idiot

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BeerGraphs lists all the salient points in this case and tries to be nice about it. But doesn't everyone do this? Your Mercedes dealer isn't required to tell you that you are buying a Chrysler. There's no mention of ...

Documentary about the struggles of opening a brewery

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This sounds like a good watch. After a successful kickstarter this film is in the final stages of promotion leading up to a release during the fall of this year. In the meantime, MittenBrew has a nice interview ...

First Beer of the Weekend – 5/1/2015

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Today's Required-Unwinder is "The Calling" DIPA from Boulevard.  Got this in the growler at our local filling station. It pours a bit more orange than last week's offering, but still well within the standard IPA sp...