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Defining “Craft”

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There has been a lot of talk about this due to the rise of many "craft-like" brands from large worldwide operations.   Here's Jim Koch, who obviously knows a thing or two about the practice and the industry: “There...

And the winner is…Granola!

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Dogfish Head's Grateful Dead themed beer finally has its final ingredient, selected from over 1500 submissions from fans that tied a story to their suggestion. While the story is great, it's hard to deny the brewin...

BEER Act vs. Small BREW Act

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If you're confused about the recent federal bills on brewing tax rates, here's a good video from Bob Pease of the Brewers Association explaining the difference. Basically the Small BREW Act is the one that will sup...

Iron Maiden Beer No Longer Rocks Sweden

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In the "you can't make this stuff up" department, Iron Maiden's beer has been taken off the shelves in Sweden for rocking too hard  violating the government's laws regarding labeling.   But the power of Eddie refuses ...

All glory to the Hopnotoad: Hopville merges with Brewtoad

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You can read all about the merger here. The bottom line is that 2 of the best homebrew resources on the web are joining forces. If you've never used Brewtoad before, you should give it a try.

Hopped To Death

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"Come in and have a seat.  America, we're here today to tell you that you have a problem.  You're addicted to hops and we want to help you get better." At least that's the charge over at Slate. From a consumer’s s...

Left Hand’s Tripel returns!

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It's back! It's not the best tripel in the world, but as it's an intersection of a much-loved brewery and one of my favorite styles, I was surely sad to see it disappear.  I suppose a renewed vigor for Belgian appr...

Drink long and prosper: Vulcan Ale becomes first “official” Star Trek beer

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In a move sure to please everyone from Zefram Cochraine to Katherine Pulaski, CBS/Paramount Consumer Products has finally authorized an official Trek beverage. While it may not be called the “official” beer of Star T...

Oldest use of “IPA” dated 1829 in Sydney

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New documents find the use of the phrase almost six years prior to the previous oldest-known primary source. That advertisement for East India pale ale comes from the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of ...

Brewpocalypse Now: Unraveling the Magic Hat/West Sixth scandal

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If you follow anything related to beer (or just have facebook friends that drink) you've probably heard about this mess in the last 24 hours. It all started yesterday when West Sixth Brewing Company (a small brewer...