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Colorado is strangely afraid of selling craft beer in supermarkets

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I don't even know where to start with this piece about Colorado's beer regulations. The truth: You don’t want grocery chains jumping into full-strength alcohol sales because we will put an end to craft beer. Well, t...

Marketing tries to convince you that hard soda isn’t a fad

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But it probably is. I'm sure some brands will stick around longer than others and there will always be some portion of the shelf for flavored malt beverages but I don't really buy what the manufacturers are selling...

Gluten-free barley variety has been unleashed upon mankind

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Whether you have Celiac and are actually gluten-sensitive or you're just an ill-informed trend-humper avoiding gluten just to be annoying to waiters (I kid), gluten-free barley for brewing could be a Very Big Deal(tm)...

First Beer of the Weekend – 6/19/2015

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When you're glad about summer beer flavors but still want to end up bruising your hip from stumbling into a door frame, there's only one solution: Imperial Pilsner. Today I've got my hands on this one from Yellowha...

No Bull! Wynkoop Releasing Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

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Wynkoop Brewing Company just announced their ballsiest beer yet - Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout! This 8 barrel batch is made with 25 pounds of bull testicles that were hand sliced and roasted by Wynkoop's sous chef Andr...

Now Serving: New Duff Extra Cold!

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The first video evidence of the new Universal Studios "The Simpsons" attraction has landed.  You can get a Duff for $7 in a disposable cup or $12 with the souvenir glass.  About as price-gougy as I expected. You ca...

Like Beer? Try Whiskey!

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SommBeer--a pretty cool blog if you haven't checked it out before--has some advice for the craft beer fan on how to approach whiskey. Whiskey and beer, although they are completely different kinds of alcohol, they ar...

Sam Adams Nitro

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All About Beer has the first review I've seen of the brand new nitro beers from Sam Adams.  Seems like it was a bit of a process coming up with these things. “We put some equipment into the brewery in Boston to do an...

Growler delivery: for the intersection of sloth and gluttony

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If you're in the bay area and you love everything about draught beer except for leaving your couch to obtain it--good news! Hopsy, the recently launched online marketplace for local craft beer, today announced the la...

Beer Hunter: The Movie now available

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It's been a long time coming, but the documentary about Michael Jackson is finally out! If you don't know much about the man or his legacy to brewing, you owe it to yourself as a fan of the craft and the industry t...