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Let’s get drunk and ride bikes!

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RAGBRAI is an annual 6-day bike ride across the entire state of Iowa.   If you've ever been on a bike for even just a few hours, you know how great it feels to hop off and grab a cold one. The Iowa Brewers guild ha...

Queens brewery Big Alice using “CSA” model for financing

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If you're not familiar with the concept of a CSA, here's a brief primer:  basically you pay up-front for a "share" in a local farm, and every week (or month, etc.) they drop off a box of whatever's seasonal and fresh ...

Breaking Brew: ABQ-based Marble Brewery makes a Walter White tribute

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According to this photo on instagram (which has some credible imagery for confirmation to say the least), it's going to be an India Black Ale called Heisenberg's Dark. Albuquerque based @marblebrewery will be brewing...

Founders Inspired Artist Black IPA benefits world’s biggest art competition

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I'll be honest. While this is a very worthy cause, I mostly wanted to blog about this totally awesome label.  It's one of the most interesting labels I've seen in some time.  The Full Pint has The Full Story. In Apri...

How to host a beer dinner

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CraftBeer has a great article full of tips on hosting a beer dinner.  Everything from how to pair to how to serve is represented, including this that I find crucial: 6. There’s not one right way to pair. There are no...

‘Fucking Awesome’ beer label approved in the United States

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That's not commentary or colorful description.  That's the name of the beer.  But it won't be available everywhere, as you might expect. As Shelton Brothers recently noted, some states like Maine will reject labels t...

Before the glory: Oregon’s humble beer origins

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Tom Acitelli over at All About Beer has a nice, short read about Oregon's beer culture origins.  It wasn't always so potent. It was not a hit with consumers, nor were subsequent batches. “The beer wasn’t great and th...

The fight to share your homebrew

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Almost everyone lives some place that has seen some important changes to the laws governing beer in the last decade.  Container size limits, ABV restrictions, brewery zoning issues, Sunday seems there's alw...

Bells expanding their footprint

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I've always felt blessed that Bell's decided to come to Alabama when they did.  They were among the first in line to distribute here when the state reformed its beer laws in 2008. Now a few more spots in the US are...

Lagunitas alleges 420-related demands from SweetWater

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In a series of fairly weird tweets, Tony Magee of Lagunitas fame has accused SweetWater(though not by name) of sending him a cease and desist letter about the use of 420 on some Langunitas brews.