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Pabst used to make an IPA, apparently.

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I'm too young to have even heard of this beer, I guess.  But yes, at one point Pabst was brewing up one of the boldest beers in the US.  But it fell away from the memory of most after it halted production of Ballantin...

A kid-friendly beer experience

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(hat tip to the Mashup group "Kids at the Bar" for their awesome logos) All About Beer has a piece about a much-needed relief for beer-loving parents. Mike Rangel had just filed the application to serve liquor at ...

Beer raffle for a good cause

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In the creative problem solving department--this is tops.   For a $10 donation you can enter a raffle to win all sorts of awesome/rare beers or a sweet standalone beer cellar.  The cause? Getting someone a much-needed...

Jester King’s collaboration with Franklin is the most Austin thing ever

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Oh, and the depiction of Aaron Franklin on the label will haunt your dreams.  So you're welcome for that. Check this stuff out. We wanted to branch out beyond the traditional use of smoked malt and opted to take a...

Millennials don’t like beer? Balderdash.

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Beervana has a good blog post response to the recent WaPo piece that made the rounds. We have known for years that the drinks market is getting more crowded as it matures, and that cider, micro-distilled liquors, and...

Century-old beer for Christmas?

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The often-fascinating Larsblog has a great post on a largely forgotten brewing tradition that resulted in some very old beer. After a few years, half the beer would be drained off and bottled, and a new batch would b...

You can’t call your beer that.

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NPR blog "The Salt" has a great write up about the ever-shrinking naming possibilities for beers and brews. A quick Google search reveals multiple beers named "Hopscotch," and at least three India Pale Ales with the ...

The Secret Ingredient is Comedy (NSFW)

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Highly amusing (and highly vulgar) blog Don't Drink Beer has a great satirical piece on gimmicky ingredients. “Yeah, I heard about this irrelevant shitwater that I will never try, I even heard about the nonstandard i...

Experts vs. Crowdsourcing

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The notable Jeff Alworth has a good short piece on All About Beer that is worth your time and contemplation. Why should you bother seeking out an expert? Because beer experts do some things even 900 layman together c...

People actually hate Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?

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Deadspin (or, Drunkspin more specifically) offered up this odd borderline-screed against people who (apparently) turn their nose up at Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. But anyone who drinks modern American craft beer yet deni...