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More Metal

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Not metal as in metallic, but metal as in holy crap look at those labels--SO METAL. First, there's a new Game of Thrones brew, and it's about as metal as it gets: [caption id="attachment_1478" align="alignnone" ...

Waiting for the beer bubble to pop

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Founders CEO Mike Stevens is calling it straight up. “We will see a bit of a bubble burst in the next five years or so,” he said during a live chat with MLive readers at the Founders 15-year anniversary party. “Howev...

Man charged with boosting $38k worth of Guinness

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I don't even know how you get this dumb, but it may involve consumption of way too much Guinness while hatching a plan to make money. He allegedly admitted to Saddle Brook police that he drove to Pennsylvania, broke ...

Surly to hit the skies!

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Surly is going to be offering their beers on some flights out of Minnesota. A million times yes. Minneapolis-based Sun Country Airlines may have just become America’s most attractive air carrier for beer geeks, as...

The Once and Future Grain

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All About Beer has a short piece about the history (and outlook) of a quintessential British barley malt: Marris Otter.  “It seems to have more biscuity, creamy flavors than other varieties, and it doesn’t seem to be...

Like Beer? Try Whiskey!

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SommBeer--a pretty cool blog if you haven't checked it out before--has some advice for the craft beer fan on how to approach whiskey. Whiskey and beer, although they are completely different kinds of alcohol, they ar...

Drink well on Cinco de Mayo

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Don't be that guy shrugging and walking out with a 12-pack of Corona (unless you really dig that stuff...for reasons?) There's plenty of interesting beer to be had.  Los Angeles media outlets have two short lists o...

Drink Beer, Get Healthy?

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A new discovery has revealed what scientists are calling a "miracle molecule" that may prevent weight gain and diabetes, build muscle, and provide other "extraordinary" health beer! This hidden vitamin,...

Oldest use of “IPA” dated 1829 in Sydney

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New documents find the use of the phrase almost six years prior to the previous oldest-known primary source. That advertisement for East India pale ale comes from the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of ...

Queens brewery Big Alice using “CSA” model for financing

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If you're not familiar with the concept of a CSA, here's a brief primer:  basically you pay up-front for a "share" in a local farm, and every week (or month, etc.) they drop off a box of whatever's seasonal and fresh ...