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Benson Brewery using clay pots for brewing

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Benson Brewery out of Ohama Nebraska is engaging in a very interesting experiment involving clay vessels called Amphora. An amphora is a type of clay pot used in early human societies for storing a myriad of liquids,...

Japan’s craft beer scene–whodathunkit?

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Found via reddit, this Danish traveler's accounting of his tour of Japan is fascinating on many levels. I decided to get as much liquid culture as possible, so first came the research, can you actually get good beer ...

Making Great Beer – The Secret is in the Water

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One of the most important ingredients in a well crafted beer, one that beer drinkers often forget about, is the water. Most people think that 'water is water', but they couldn't be more wrong. Good quality water is an...

Tallgrass “Tactical” Cans

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The new (awesomely named) "Zombie Monkey: A Post-Apocalyptic Robust Porter" will feature a textured grip on the side of the can. has the full scoop. "I dreamed this beer into existence," said Tallgrass...

The Growler Saver: our favorite new kickstarter project

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Ever had your growler go flat in a matter of 48 hours in your fridge, or even just after a bumpy car trip?  This clever, simple, inexpensive device will fix all that.  Check out the video to see how it works. This ...

“Bilbo, have you been at the Gaffer’s home brew?”

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Hobbit-branded beers coming very soon. The Hobbit is getting its own beer series thanks to a new partnership between Fish Brewing, Ocean Brands, LLC and BevLink, LLC. Though the feature film, The Battle of the Five A...

Colorado is strangely afraid of selling craft beer in supermarkets

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I don't even know where to start with this piece about Colorado's beer regulations. The truth: You don’t want grocery chains jumping into full-strength alcohol sales because we will put an end to craft beer. Well, t...

BeerGraphs creates “Fantasy Beer League”

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This is just about as nerdy as it gets, folks. Pick breweries per tier as instructed below. You get credit for new beers (and only new beers) that your brewery produces between February first and June 31st. The scori...

First Beer of the Weekend – 6/19/2015

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When you're glad about summer beer flavors but still want to end up bruising your hip from stumbling into a door frame, there's only one solution: Imperial Pilsner. Today I've got my hands on this one from Yellowha...

Now Serving: New Duff Extra Cold!

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The first video evidence of the new Universal Studios "The Simpsons" attraction has landed.  You can get a Duff for $7 in a disposable cup or $12 with the souvenir glass.  About as price-gougy as I expected. You ca...