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“My can is too small!”

“My growler is too…not aluminum!”


A CROWLER™ (CAN + growler) is a 32-ounce CAN filled with fresh craft beer from the source. Yep, draft beer in a portable growler-sized CAN.

This rides that fine line between great idea and pointless gimmick that I just love.  I could definitely see myself filling a few of these with different brews and taking them to a tasting or a group gathering.  That is, if I lived anywhere even remotely near the Oskar Blues brewery. The advantages are obvious to any growler owner:

Craft beer drinkers dig their growlers filled in local taprooms, but standard glass growlers are often brought into pubs and tap rooms without being cleaned correctly, which affects the taste and cleanliness of the refill. They also don’t seal well and allow light in, while the Crowler™ is more portable and takes advantage of what the can has to offer by eliminating light-struck or skunky beer.

It’s a mighty fine idea–and I hope more breweries get after it.



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