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Hillcrest Brewing Company, First LGBT Brewery, Opens Next Week

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In San Diego's vibrant neighborhood of Hillcrest, the first micro brewery targeting lesian, gay, bisexual, and transgender customers, Hillcrest Brewing Company, is stepping out of the closet next week! Owner, Chris Sh...

Small breweries standing strong against buyout offers

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As the big boys are struggling to grow, craft breweries continue to surge.  The regional and national operations are drawing a lot of interested would-be buyers: Craft’s growth is driving the interest. The segment’s ...

Magic Hat, West Sixth kiss and make up

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Or something like that. To the extent West Sixth in any way represented that Magic Hat filed a frivolous lawsuit, that Magic Hat initiated litigation improperly, that Magic Hat was unresponsive in negotiating a resol...

Increasing the case for cans

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The publication Advertising Age has a good write-up on the reasons why cans are a good idea for business as well as for beer in general. The most obvious reason to anyone that's ever been outside is that they're no...

The Many Styles of Oktoberfest

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13 Views0 Comments has a great write-up explaining the history of Oktoberfest styles and medal-winners in each of the categories. Simply put, American Oktoberfest styles do not really match up with what's going on in Germa...

West Flanders Makes Broncos Themed Beer for NFL Playoffs

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The AFC Championship is this Sunday, and everyone's getting ready in their own way.  West Flanders has been getting ready for a lot longer, it seems, as they're now ready to release their local sports squad-themed bee...

You can’t call your beer that.

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NPR blog "The Salt" has a great write up about the ever-shrinking naming possibilities for beers and brews. A quick Google search reveals multiple beers named "Hopscotch," and at least three India Pale Ales with the ...

Documentary about the struggles of opening a brewery

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This sounds like a good watch. After a successful kickstarter this film is in the final stages of promotion leading up to a release during the fall of this year. In the meantime, MittenBrew has a nice interview ...

See ya in hell, 2015.

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Just kidding.  I really like session IPA and gose--I hope those trends become permanent, frankly.  But if you're already looking ahead to the year to come, All About Beer has you covered with a rad event calendar. ...

Goose Island Black Mission Voted Chicago “Beer of the Week”

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Back in my old stomping grounds, Chicago, IL, Goose Island hit another one out of the park with their latest addition to their Fulton and Wood series, Black Mission. This Fig Newton inspired, Belgian Style Abbey ale i...