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Kid Rock’s American Badass Beer Drops Michigan Brewing Company

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After a series of unfortunate events, Kid Rock's beer company, American Badass Beer will no longer be produced by Michigan Brewing, a Webberville-based brewery. "Despite trying to help stave off their eviction, an...

The Growler Saver: our favorite new kickstarter project

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Ever had your growler go flat in a matter of 48 hours in your fridge, or even just after a bumpy car trip?  This clever, simple, inexpensive device will fix all that.  Check out the video to see how it works. This ...

Dixie Brewing Company building likely to be torn down

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A New Orleans landmark is set for demolition after the case to prevent it was dismissed in court. U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman of New Orleans ruled June 10 that he did not have jurisdiction over the case. He al...

Funny Arcadia Commercial

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I don't have much use for pumpkin ales, personally, but I do enjoy a funny commercial regardless of product.

All Trappists to become IPAs

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Refusing to be overwhelmed by changing market forces, the monks have decided to label every beer as an IPA. (Relax, it's satire.) “Though we are pious servants to the Lord first and foremost, we are also running a...

The Grand Lore (and Lure) of KBS

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Ever wondered why you had to pay so much for a bottle, or have never even been able to find one? (Michigan's statewide news portal) has a great piece on the background of the hypebomb that is Founders Ken...

Amber is the color of your energy (and beer)

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If Iron Maiden and Hanson can have their own beers, why not Omaha rockers 311? The Omaha band has teamed up Rock Brothers in Tampa, Fla., and Nebraska Brewing in Papillion, Neb., bassist Aaron “P Nut” Wills confirmed...

A hangover by any other name

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Brookston has a great piece compiling information on the history of the term "hangover" and other phrases that have been used. Believe it or not, apparently the word “hangover,” meaning “a severe headache or other af...

SodaStream launches an instant beer machine and NO NO NO NO

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NO. The Beer Bar is unveiled with a light beer called Blondie that has a smooth authentic taste, and a hop filled aroma. The Beer Bar enables consumers to concoct crafted beer in seconds by adding Blondie concentrate...

Night Shift Sours Available for Preorder

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How do you make sure your customers get a shot at their favorite limited batches?  Setup-up a pre-order, of course! That's what Night Shift is doing, anyway.  We think it's a delightful way to gauge demand for prod...