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Three Lions Bitter Ale Review

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Three Lions bitter ale (4.0% ABV) is a local seasonal “session” favorite from Fortnight Brewing located in Cary, NC. Fortnight specializes in American reproductions of traditional British pub ales, and was started by ...

Strawberries and Cream Summer Ale Review

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Women brewed Bombshell Brewery of Holly Springs, NC has concocted a custom local blend of Strawberries and Cream Summer Ale. The new summer specialty is a light offering at 5% ABV which makes it perfect for a back por...

SodaStream launches an instant beer machine and NO NO NO NO

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NO. The Beer Bar is unveiled with a light beer called Blondie that has a smooth authentic taste, and a hop filled aroma. The Beer Bar enables consumers to concoct crafted beer in seconds by adding Blondie concentrate...

Budweiser becomes “America”, is not even American.

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You've probably seen this stroke of marketing genius flying around social media. American currency has long held claim to being the only thing found in bars that boasts the phrase “E Pluribus Unum.”  This summer, Bud...

Drink well on Cinco de Mayo

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Don't be that guy shrugging and walking out with a 12-pack of Corona (unless you really dig that stuff...for reasons?) There's plenty of interesting beer to be had.  Los Angeles media outlets have two short lists o...

Gluten-free barley variety has been unleashed upon mankind

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Whether you have Celiac and are actually gluten-sensitive or you're just an ill-informed trend-humper avoiding gluten just to be annoying to waiters (I kid), gluten-free barley for brewing could be a Very Big Deal(tm)...

Marketing tries to convince you that hard soda isn’t a fad

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But it probably is. I'm sure some brands will stick around longer than others and there will always be some portion of the shelf for flavored malt beverages but I don't really buy what the manufacturers are selling...

Michael Jackson saved Saison

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I missed this a couple of weeks ago but it's worth sharing now.  There are just a few "must-read" articles about beer every year and this is one of them. Writer Michael Jackson, who called Saison Dupont “a down-to-ea...

And of course, Donald Trump themed beers hit the market

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As far as I can tell, Griffin Claw out of Detroit was first to the trend. According to the label, the stout has "Huuuuge flavor." Ugh. Kill me. 5 Rabbit out of Chicago is cashing in on the anti-trump crowd. Now,...

Growler delivery: for the intersection of sloth and gluttony

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If you're in the bay area and you love everything about draught beer except for leaving your couch to obtain it--good news! Hopsy, the recently launched online marketplace for local craft beer, today announced the la...