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Dogfish Head Positive Contact will be hitting stores near you on June 18th. Positive Contact is part of Dogfish Head’s Music Series of beers that was created with Deltron 3030’s Dan the Automator. Deltron 3030 is a hip-hop collaboration between Dan the Automator and Del the Funkee Homosapien. Named after a track on their first album, Positive Contact is a hip, 9% ABV, spiced ale brewed with Fuji apple sider, slow-roasted farro, cilantro, and a dash of cayenne pepper.

dogfish head deltron 3030

Positive Contact will be released as a box set that includes six 750-ml champagne bottle, a 10″ vinyl EP with four new Deltron 3030 exclusive remixes, and a list of Deltron 3030 inspired recipes. This box set is a party in a box! So bring your friends over, rock out to the killer remixes, try their recipes, and enjoy the beer!

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