Added by on 2013-09-17

The new (awesomely named) “Zombie Monkey: A Post-Apocalyptic Robust Porter” will feature a textured grip on the side of the can. has the full scoop.

“I dreamed this beer into existence,” said Tallgrass Brewmaster, Andrew Hood. “I dreamed I was drinking a beer in a post-apocalyptic landscape. The beer was dark and delicious, the kind you want for the end of days. It was also interesting and robust, which is good, because it might be your last. That’s Zombie Monkie, the perfect beer for toasting the end of humanity.”

This is my kind of product.  I often think about the logistics of hanging onto my beer while I drop another crossbow bolt into the skull of an approaching walker. The fact that it’s a porter is icing on the…well, brains.

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