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A bottle that plays music?

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Check out this mind-blowing video of a beer bottle etched with playable music, just like a vinyl record (or more precisely, an Edison cylinder).

A hangover by any other name

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Brookston has a great piece compiling information on the history of the term "hangover" and other phrases that have been used. Believe it or not, apparently the word “hangover,” meaning “a severe headache or other af...

A hoppingly pointless poll

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The Full Pint has a poll for "The Best" imperial IPA. All of the usual suspects are represented.  My opinion?  The best imperial IPA is the freshest one you can get. I had my first Pliny the Elder recently at a ...

A kid-friendly beer experience

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(hat tip to the Mashup group "Kids at the Bar" for their awesome logos) All About Beer has a piece about a much-needed relief for beer-loving parents. Mike Rangel had just filed the application to serve liquor at ...

A perfect beer for the NBA finals

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The Miami Sun Sentinel has a quick spot about a new beer for Heat fans. Now, White Hot (W)heat is available at the AmericanAirlines Arena and at the tap-room of the months-old brewhouse. It's paler than most wheats —...

A Primer on Identifying Styles

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5 Views0 Comments has a great guide that should help newcomers and aspiring snobs alike.  It gives you a handful of helpful guidelines in trying to figure out what something is and more importantly--what you actually like...

A ton of craft beer calendars in one place

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65 Views0 Comments has compiled an awesome list of 2015 release schedules. Check it out for all of your big-craft seasonal release curiosities. The only bummer here is having to wait until November for that Left ...

Alchemist FAQ

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Check out this amusing and informative video from John Kimmich of Alchemist Brewing. It's a shame that Heady Topper isn't nationwide yet.  I've only managed to have one in my life so far!

Alchemist is shutting down access to its cannery

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Sad news for many up north. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve we have made the difficult decision to close our retail shop and self-guided tour area. Effective November 15 the cannery will no longer be open to ...

All aboard the SS Dry Hop – Cigar City literally dry hopping at sea

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Cigar City is brewing an IPA in Puerto Rico and dry hopping it during the return voyage to Tampa. Don't that beat all? Cigar City is currently brewing about 200 barrels of the beer at a time in Puerto Rico, dry-ho...