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Kids at the Bar

(hat tip to the Mashup group “Kids at the Bar” for their awesome logos)

All About Beer has a piece about a much-needed relief for beer-loving parents.

Mike Rangel had just filed the application to serve liquor at his new brewpub when he discovered his wife was pregnant. The news changed his life—and his business model.

“Instead of become a full hipster bar, we decided to go family friendly and not bring in liquor,” Rangel says.

This is a superb idea.  I’ve seen plenty of dog bars all over the country, and the appeal (and thus the market) is definitely there.   The benefits are obvious:

“We liked to go out and enjoy beer, and there was not a place to go where we felt good taking our kids,” De Kalb says. “We were looking for a place that marketed to people like us—somewhere that had good beer, good food, good service and that was family-friendly.”

Would you patronize such a place in your own neighborhood? Every parent that I know would be there with bells on.

Check out the full piece–there’s some interesting insight.


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