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checking color has a great guide that should help newcomers and aspiring snobs alike.  It gives you a handful of helpful guidelines in trying to figure out what something is and more importantly–what you actually like in a beer.

Color Clues

  • Light/Pale | Flavors: grainy, bread-like | Styles: blonde ale, helles, Belgian-style wit
  • Amber | Flavors: toasty, bread crust | Styles: amber ale, amber lager
  • Brown | Flavors: toast, roasted nuts, chocolate | Styles: brown ale, Marzen, dopplebock
  • Black | Flavors: burnt toast, dark chocolate, coffee, espresso | Styles: dry stout, robust porter, American black ale

It’s just full of helpful junk like that, so head on over and take a look.  For a more general look at styles, we recently covered another article on the topic here.



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