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Beervana has a good blog post response to the recent WaPo piece that made the rounds.

We have known for years that the drinks market is getting more crowded as it matures, and that cider, micro-distilled liquors, and craft beer are increasingly grabbing market share from mass market beer.  Millennials are the first generation to be raised post-mass market, in the fragmented world of the internet.  They divide their love on all matters, not just alcoholic beverages.

More direct to the point is this:

beer is still millennials’ preferred alcoholic drink–they just prefer it less than young people have in decades past.

Bingo.  The idea that millennials have some kind of special aversion to beer is one easily disproved by a closer look at the data, and even more-easily dispelled by having a pair of eyes and going into… oh i don’t know basically any bar in any town at any hour.

HT to this great blog for the meme photo.


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