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NFL punter is apparently also experienced homebrewer

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NFL preseason starts up in little more than a week and All About Beer has a nice little piece about NFL punter Brandon Fields and how he gets his jollies during the offseason. Fields scored big, though, with a pumpki...

Night Shift Sours Available for Preorder

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How do you make sure your customers get a shot at their favorite limited batches?  Setup-up a pre-order, of course! That's what Night Shift is doing, anyway.  We think it's a delightful way to gauge demand for prod...

No bubble after all?

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Brewers Association has a great quantified, objective argument for why craft beer is not in or approaching bubble conditions.  The article addresses growth rate, average capacity of  new breweries, and all sorts of ot...

No Bull! Wynkoop Releasing Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

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Wynkoop Brewing Company just announced their ballsiest beer yet - Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout! This 8 barrel batch is made with 25 pounds of bull testicles that were hand sliced and roasted by Wynkoop's sous chef Andr...

No, YOU Cease & Desist!

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Exit 6 (a small brewery in Missouri) got a cease & desist letter from Starbucks. Blah blah blah, you used our trademark "Frappuccino" to sell a couple of beers and we'll sue your underoos straight off if you don'...

Now Serving: New Duff Extra Cold!

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The first video evidence of the new Universal Studios "The Simpsons" attraction has landed.  You can get a Duff for $7 in a disposable cup or $12 with the souvenir glass.  About as price-gougy as I expected. You ca...

NPR has more on craft vs. “crafty”

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This is the probably the best primer I've seen so far about "crafty" beer distorting consumer understanding. Small breweries are transforming into big ones, while big breweries are masquerading as small brands, selli...

Oldest use of “IPA” dated 1829 in Sydney

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New documents find the use of the phrase almost six years prior to the previous oldest-known primary source. That advertisement for East India pale ale comes from the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of ...

Open beer faster

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Sometimes you just can't open it fast enough, I guess. Some say this is nothing but a frivolous toy.  Try going to a patio bar in New Orleans the weekend that Abita Strawberry comes out and then tell me it's pointl...

Organic brewing cheaper, easier than you might think

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Here's the breakdown from this great post on Grist: Prices have gone down as demand for organic ingredients has gone up, and making organic beer is not as expensive as it once was. Ettinger remembers a time when orga...