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This is the probably the best primer I’ve seen so far about “crafty” beer distorting consumer understanding.

Small breweries are transforming into big ones, while big breweries are masquerading as small brands, selling “crafty” knockoff beers in an attempt to lure customers from the craft beer market.

Size is not relevant to me, personally. Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada still make delicious beer with passion.  “Artisan” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”.

I tend to take the whole “craft imposter” trend in stride, too.  It’s possibly a little annoying, but it might backfire, ultimately:

Magee of Lagunitas seems only amused. He says the attempts by giant breweries at making craft-like beers is a boost for craft beer. “They’re basically telling their customers, ‘Hey, go and try some craft beer,’ ” Magee says.

“The big guys are now parodying us,” he adds. “They’re running out of ideas.”

The whole piece is worth your time–especially the infographic. Who doesn’t love a good infographic?


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