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All Day IPA tops Founders sales already

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I knew this stuff was good and incredibly drinkable but I'm surprised that this 3-month old product is already beating Founders more storied/famous beers in terms of sales. I'd expect this to lead to more than a fe...

German brewers demand changes to “fracking” regulations

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Hydraulic fracturing or "Fracking" is something you've probably heard about.  It's a relatively new technology to extract natural gas and other materials from deep deposits under the Earth.  Critics all over the world...

Ice Cold Duff: Simpsons Theme Park will serve Duff Beer

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Duffman gives this one an "Oh yeah!" Universal's new Simpsons-themed attraction will (obviously) have Duff: And yes – there will be Duff Beer, brewed exclusively for Universal Orlando. For the first time ever –...

Hanson has a beer now.

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Sorry guys.  Beer is over.  It had a good run for a few thousand years but it's done now.  It jumped the shark for sure. Hanson has their own beer. The MmmHops beer concept that the band revealed back in November ...

Craft Beer Mac n’ Cheese

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I didn't even know this was a thing, let alone a common thing but now I can't stop drooling and must have some. Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales | Milton, DE -- Mushroom Mac & Cheese is filled with tender porcini a...

Animated Beer Labels

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This way-cool tumblr shows how beer labels might come to life in animated fashion. I've never hit the "follow" button so fast. More here:  Beer Labels in Motion.

The Growler Saver: our favorite new kickstarter project

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Ever had your growler go flat in a matter of 48 hours in your fridge, or even just after a bumpy car trip?  This clever, simple, inexpensive device will fix all that.  Check out the video to see how it works. This ...

Brewpocalypse Now: Unraveling the Magic Hat/West Sixth scandal

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If you follow anything related to beer (or just have facebook friends that drink) you've probably heard about this mess in the last 24 hours. It all started yesterday when West Sixth Brewing Company (a small brewer...

Oldest use of “IPA” dated 1829 in Sydney

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New documents find the use of the phrase almost six years prior to the previous oldest-known primary source. That advertisement for East India pale ale comes from the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of ...

Drink long and prosper: Vulcan Ale becomes first “official” Star Trek beer

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In a move sure to please everyone from Zefram Cochraine to Katherine Pulaski, CBS/Paramount Consumer Products has finally authorized an official Trek beverage. While it may not be called the “official” beer of Star T...