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Cool New Beer Apps

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Check out this announcement of a few new beer apps for mobile devices.  Of particular interest is this: Beer Hunt adds a competitive dimension to drinking craft beer. The app enables users to “check in” for every bee...

More Metal

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Not metal as in metallic, but metal as in holy crap look at those labels--SO METAL. First, there's a new Game of Thrones brew, and it's about as metal as it gets: [caption id="attachment_1478" align="alignnone" ...

Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head on CBS This Morning

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Here's a great segment with Sam Calagione discussing the craft industry in general. Must-see media for beer nerds.

Interview with Wayne Wambles of Cigar City

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Food GPS has a great interview with one of the folks behind one of my favorite southern breweries, Cigar City. Of particular interest is his viewpoint on canning: There was quite a bit of contention from our consumer...

Creepy beer is creepy (and probably delicious)

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This thing definitely wins the award for most disturbing namesake that I'm aware of, but it also sounds incredible.  Anyone in Texas want to ship me a bottle? The second release in our Legendary Series, La Dame du La...

BrewDog unleashes 35% ABV spirit which will surely kill us all

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Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair: The new spirit was developed in a “radical brewing and ice distillation process”, which currently has a patent pending. The spirit has a 35% abv and is created using an IPA ...

A bottle that plays music?

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Check out this mind-blowing video of a beer bottle etched with playable music, just like a vinyl record (or more precisely, an Edison cylinder).

Want your own .beer domain?

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Apparently that's about to be a thing. Four-year-old TLDH already operates the .FM domain, which is popular among internet radio services such as The company was uncontested in its application for .Work...

Brewpouch: A bag-growler…thing

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The idea is pretty simple: sometimes there are too many downsides to glass. Growlers are a wonderful way to share a great beer with friends, but they have some major shortcomings when it comes to outdoor enjoyment – ...

Squirt some chemicals in your beer!

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OnTap "Liquid Enhancement" (pronounced Gar-bage) is some junk you can squirt into your awful beer to (supposedly) make it less awful.  YMMV. Personally, I just try not drink crappy beer to begin with.