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Medium has a great condensed (quick-read) interview with the 2 guys (yeah, it’s just 2 guys) that founded and run untappd.

There’s a handful of things I found very surprising about their success: they’ve never advertised or taken outside money, yet created an app with over 2 million users (and growing rapidly).  And these guys kept their day jobs!

What’s most interesting to me here is how they interact/collaborate on work:

Avola and Mather rely heavily on SlackBasecamp and “a healthy amount of iMessage

“Because we are remote and in different time zones, most of the work that Tim does is when I’m asleep, so it’s incredibly important to keep detailed status log so we can hand off work correctly,” says Avola. “We try to do as much siloed work as we can for task because we don’t have the luxury of working together on a task.”

It’s a quick read and highly fascinating.  Inspiring, even. Check it out!




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