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portable carbonator

Anyone that’s ever been backpacking or camping knows how important minimizing your carry weight can be, but also probably knows how delicious a cold beer is after a few miles in the backcountry.

It’s not a new idea, either.  The creator explains:

“For decades brewers have been trying to come up with a concentrated beer for the same benefits of Coke and Pepsi – they save a lot of money shipping and transporting their product as a concentrate,” Tatera explains. “The same benefits exist in the brewing industry, it’s just that it’s never really worked. You know, they’ve always been trying to suck the water out of their beer, and the problem with that is you invest a lot of energy when you start removing water from something. So we came at it from a different trajectory, and we just asked a simple question: ‘What if we don’t add the water to begin with?’

It makes perfect sense but I’m wondering how in the world he gets the yeast to survive for starters.

The most obvious question is “How does it taste?”.  I can’t imagine it’s as good as a fresh craft IPA on draught but if it’s even passable as a decent beer, I’m sold on the product for the portability alone.  Can you imagine hiking a few dozen miles into the wilderness and still having access to a few cold ones?  Heaven!

You can check out more at the official product website.



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