Added by on 2012-06-11

After a series of unfortunate events, Kid Rock’s beer company, American Badass Beer will no longer be produced by Michigan Brewing, a Webberville-based brewery.

“Despite trying to help stave off their eviction, and waiting as long as possible to find a solution that could work for all, Badass Beer will be moving its relationship to a new Michigan-based contract brewer,” the company said in a statement titled “Regrettably” and posted on its website.

In the spring, the bank foreclosed on Michigan Brewing. Production of American Badass beer has come to a halt, which is causing local distributors to worry. Kid Rock has yet to reveal which contract brewery will take over brewing American Badass Beer, but hopefully supplies don’t run out before production starts back up. Kid Rock is “hoping to start production of Badass again before the end of the year, and are exceptionally grateful for the support of our distributors, retailers and consumers during this transition.”

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