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Can you imagine going to 365 breweries in 365 days?  Could you handle the travel, and beer every single day for a year?

These guys think they can.

My friend, Brandon Wurtz (Haggis), and myself, Michael Roberts (Camel), will be taking a trip across the United States to visit at least 365 breweries in 365 days in 2014.  During our travels, this blog, our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Untappd, and Youtube will be updated daily with interviews, stories, photos, videos, podcasts, and much more!

Our mission is simply to support the craft brewing community.  In hopes that it will bring more people into the craft brew scene, we will be putting together a documentary film and a coffee table book with a dedicated page for each brewery we encounter on our epic journey. We hope to also publish calendars as well.

I can think of an infinite number of things worse than having a beer with your best friend every day for a year. According to a few comments on reddit, they may have more info very soon including a list of all of the breweries.  See if you can find them when they come through your town and give ’em a how-do-ya-do.


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