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I don’t even know where to start with this piece about Colorado’s beer regulations.

The truth: You don’t want grocery chains jumping into full-strength alcohol sales because we will put an end to craft beer.

Well, that’s an odd “truth” considering that there is an avalanche of craft beer in grocery stores throughout the country and yet the sky remains affixed above us and craft beer continues to grow as a market segment.

Craft Beer isn’t convenient for the grocery industry. That means we can’t [won’t] make it convenient for you, it’ll cost us too much. You can’t expect us to stock a gluten-free, dark chocolate stout for the one to five customers buying it regularly. A red wine and spirit barrel-aged Sour Black Stout? Yeah, right, like we can advertise that kind of fermented obscurity to the masses with the slightest breath of professionalism or knowledge. Forget about your beloved limited releases; remember, mass quantities.

This is just wrong. In the real world outside of Colorado many grocery stores have craft beer and wine experts on staff, host tastings, promote their selections on social media–basically do everything that a liquor store or craft beer specialty shop would do in Colorado.  Further, craft beer enthusiasts will often skip a poorly-stocked grocery store entirely–choosing to do their shopping at a grocery store that lets them get everything they need in one stop.

This is a bizarre piece of fear-mongering about a non-problem in my opinion.


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  • It would seriously hurt the liquor stores. Especially the many in Colorado which contribute to the craft breweries and their causes. Craft beer isn’t always convenient. Sometimes it is an adventure, and that’s why Colorado is the Napa Valley of beer…