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Bigfoot 2010

Paste has a vertical tasting review that will make all barleywine lovers drool.

Not everyone has the patience and discipline to buy and save the same beer for eight consecutive beers, but I can tell you the payoff of a vertical tasting is well worth…having a friend with that kind of patience and discipline.

Heh.  I can definitely see where they’re coming from.  I’ve never successfully cellared my own stash longer than about 18 months, which is barely enough for huge barleywines to mellow.

We’re also convinced that the hops in the 2010 are different from the hops in the 2011. This is the smoothest, most well-balanced bottle we opened, and my favorite of the bunch. I want to get my hands on another bottle of 2010.

To my taste, they are dead on here.  I’ve had at least a handful of Bigfoot 2010 samples (fresh, 2 years and just a few months ago) and it’s easily my favorite that I’ve tried.

What beers are your favorite when you’re going vertical?

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