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Interactive map of craft beer in America

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The New Yorker has a super-cool interactive map of some craft beer stats across the country.  Glad to see my buddy Bo Hick's new joint, Druid City Brewing on the big board.

Kopparberg’s new glass treats you like the filthy thief that you are

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Ever stolen a cool pint glass or goblet from a bar? Stop lying, you lying liar.  I know you have.  I've seen your cabinets. Well, try that again and they will BLOW YOUR FREAKIN' HAND OFF.  They will, le...

Would you use synthetic yeast?

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The robo-germ invasion is coming. British researchers are helping to create “designer” genomes that can be inserted into yeast cells to create new strains of these organisms. They hope these man-made forms of life co...

Macau Beer Culture

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Everyone should definitely read the great travel write-up over at Zythophile about finding craft beer in Macau. When you CAN find it, it’s a pleasant enough mid-gold beer at the malty end of the rainbow, refreshing c...

GWARBQ Brew by Cigar City – Teaser video

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Shot like a classic beer ad, but way more awesome (obviously). I posted previously about this totally real product.  To be served at GWAR's annual festival.

Increasing the case for cans

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The publication Advertising Age has a good write-up on the reasons why cans are a good idea for business as well as for beer in general. The most obvious reason to anyone that's ever been outside is that they're no...

Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head on CBS This Morning

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Here's a great segment with Sam Calagione discussing the craft industry in general. Must-see media for beer nerds.