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Walking Dead

Tonight’s the premier of the next-to-last episode this season, so this announcement is pretty well-timed.

I suppose with it’s enormous cultural impact that it was only a matter of time before someone made a Walking Dead beer.

But just like Woodbury and the Governor, when you look a little closer, things aren’t as simple as they seem:

 Behold our liquid tribute, Dock Street Walker, an American Pale Stout brewed with wheat, oats, flaked barley, organic cranberry, and Smoked Goat Brains!

Ignoring for a moment the fact that The Walking Dead uses the more classical slow-moving zombie archtype, where the zombie crave flesh, not brains specifically (/zombie media nerd) — what do you think about this addition?

I’ve had pork brains once before and once you forget what it is it’s not…bad, exactly.  But in a beer?

Believe it or not, much of the world considers brain to be a true delicacy. Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but not ridiculous. Many also believe that using every part of an animal not only increases and encourages sustainability, but also honors the animal’s life and death.

Fair enough.  But I think I’d rather just have a Zombie Dust, wouldn’t you?

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