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2013 Label

Pardon the interruption for a little local self-indulgence.  Stone is finally coming to Alabama, just 5 short LONG years after the first Free The Hops bill reformed the beer laws in the state.


A team of Stone representatives will take over Alabama with a host of eventsAugust 27 through September 6.

I can’t promise that I won’t give them all great big hugs.  The only bummer from this announcement is that we won’t (apparently) be getting my favorite–the Russian Imperial Stout.


There’s still a couple of nationwide operations that are still absent, though.  With New Belgium already on the way, Dogfish Head is probably most prominent name missing from our shelves.


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  • There will be some IRS around at some of the launch locations!

    • Fluster 10 years ago

      I noticed that on some other links covering the announcement. I guess I’m headed to On Tap in Lakeview and then to World of Beer on launch day to get a little of the IRS and Espresso IRS!