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Beer blog Joe Sixpack has some contrarian real-talk for all the pumpkin’ haters.

C’mon, people eat spicy food all summer, so why not spiced beer?

In fact, one of the most popular warm-weather ales – Belgian-style witbier – is made with spice (coriander). So how is it that cinnamon and nutmeg are suitable only for Thanksgiving?

That’s a fair point, along with several others he makes on the blog post.

We’ve criticized pumpkin beers on here before once or twice. But there’s always exceptions to the good-natured ribbing of the style.  Southern Tier Pumking is indeed, a delicious vanilla-forward brew suitable for any time of year in my book.

Check out the blog post and think on it a while. You might just come to agree with what he says.

They’re a gimmick.

They’re no more gimmicky than session IPAs.

OK. We don’t agree with everything, I guess.


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