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You probably saw it and choked on your robust barrel-aged imperial stout or your delicate, finely crafted Schwartzbier.

Paste has the best response I’ve seen.

“This is the only beer Beechwood Aged”

“Alright guys, hear me out. So, what if right after we say it’s not to be fussed over, we IMMEDIATELY trumpet the fact that it’s beechwood aged, something that roughly 1% of our target demographic understands? It’ll be great, and not sound fussy at all.”

That sums up how baffling this is.  But the main thing that seems to have people riled up? Budweiser’s parent company recently bought out a craft brewer that has made the very thing they are mocking.


Budweiser: Shut up and drink it or you’re not a manly American.


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