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Holy crap: that’s a lot of Bud Light. [Bold added for emphasis:]

 If you add up every case of imported beer, craft beer, hard cider, and flavored malt beverages sold in 2013, you get 270,194,987. Bud Light sold 294,749,300 cases. That means that last year Bud Light outsold every imported beer, craft beer, hard cider, and flavored malt beverage combined. Indeed, Bud Light makes up about 20 percent of all cases of beer (or cider or flavored malt beverage) sold last year. One in five beers sold last year was a Bud Light

The power of the beer-like waterstuff knows no serious challengers, even among the other domestic light-bodied swills.

An even bigger surprise (to me) is that Mike’s Hard slightly outsells Sam Adams.

When people talk about how craft beer is still a growing market, these numbers are helpful to visualize the scope.  Cost isn’t the only factor and the total beer market relative to the current craft beer market is a staggering rift.  That market can (and does) continue to be gobbled up by craft brands of all sizes.


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