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Beer Flag

Serious Eats brings us an interactive map with a beer they love for every state.  While some are totally predictable (Heady Topper for VT, Piny for CA, Bell’s Two Hearted for Michigan) there are some surprises on here for sure.

Devil’s Ale

This pale ale, SanTan’s flagship, is piney, orangey, and super-resiny, thanks to Centennial, Cascade, and Simcoe hops. There’s a bit of caramel flavor but this is more about thirst-quenching than rich body; it’ll do you well on a hot Arizona day, especially with a bacon-topped turkey burger and garlic fries.
I’m just shocked they didn’t go with something from Four Peaks, but I’m delighted to seek out this pale in the future. The pick from here in Alabama (Good People IPA) is as good as any. Do you agree with their pick from your own state?


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