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Dogfish Head founder affirms wisdom of looking to the past

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In a guest piece for the Wall Street Journal, Sam Calagione talks about the inspiration for Dogfish Head's "Ancient" beer lineup and how this logic might apply in other lines of business: As a small company you need ...

Squirt some chemicals in your beer!

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OnTap "Liquid Enhancement" (pronounced Gar-bage) is some junk you can squirt into your awful beer to (supposedly) make it less awful.  YMMV. Personally, I just try not drink crappy beer to begin with.

Macau Beer Culture

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Everyone should definitely read the great travel write-up over at Zythophile about finding craft beer in Macau. When you CAN find it, it’s a pleasant enough mid-gold beer at the malty end of the rainbow, refreshing c...

How fresh is your beer?

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Clearly the beer is 7 stars and Full-Lion old. Dan over at calls out the non-dating breweries. What really bothers me, more than breweries that flat out don’t label, are breweries that make it diff...

Anheuser-Busch slashing prices of Shock Top, Goose Island

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It's a clever marketing strategy. It seems AB distributors in parts of Oregon and Washington (the reach of the campaign is uncertain) have issued updated price lists containing massive price drops on the Shock Top an...

Experts vs. Crowdsourcing

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The notable Jeff Alworth has a good short piece on All About Beer that is worth your time and contemplation. Why should you bother seeking out an expert? Because beer experts do some things even 900 layman together c...

Sam Adams is bringing back one of their discontinued beers

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Full scoop at the full pint. Samuel Adams brewers will pull recipes from their “vault” and ultimately choose two winning brews to be re-released nationally for a limited time. Through online and in-person voting, dri...

Japan’s craft beer scene–whodathunkit?

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Found via reddit, this Danish traveler's accounting of his tour of Japan is fascinating on many levels. I decided to get as much liquid culture as possible, so first came the research, can you actually get good beer ...

Making Great Beer – The Secret is in the Water

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One of the most important ingredients in a well crafted beer, one that beer drinkers often forget about, is the water. Most people think that 'water is water', but they couldn't be more wrong. Good quality water is an...

Brewpocalypse Now: Unraveling the Magic Hat/West Sixth scandal

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If you follow anything related to beer (or just have facebook friends that drink) you've probably heard about this mess in the last 24 hours. It all started yesterday when West Sixth Brewing Company (a small brewer...