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New Cans For Summer

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Sierra Nevada and Shipyard both have new (and unfortunately limited, for now) cans for their summer seasonals Summerfest and Summer Ale respectively.  Keep an eye out for these for all your no-glass-allowed needs.

Brewdog getting their own TV show!

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Good news for anyone that has been following these guys (or just wants more beer-related television programming): This brilliant new series will premier on the brand spanking new Esquire network, set to debut in the ...

Breaking Brew: ABQ-based Marble Brewery makes a Walter White tribute

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According to this photo on instagram (which has some credible imagery for confirmation to say the least), it's going to be an India Black Ale called Heisenberg's Dark. Albuquerque based @marblebrewery will be brewing...

Tallgrass “Tactical” Cans

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The new (awesomely named) "Zombie Monkey: A Post-Apocalyptic Robust Porter" will feature a textured grip on the side of the can. has the full scoop. "I dreamed this beer into existence," said Tallgrass...

‘Tis The Season (for stouts & porters)

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Brewbound has a great write-up on the underappreciated dark beer styles, just in time for your a contrasted white Christmas.  The rub is pretty obvious to anyone that's ever talked about beer with a novice: “When i...

Sweetwater hashing it up with concentrated lupulin

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The new brew is called Hop Hash. Brewers decided to throw a sticky SweetWater signature on this hopped up concoction, promising to deliver the dankest double IPA around. After scraping the hop pelletizers clean in Ya...

Ben & Jerry are making a beer? What?!

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No I'm not kidding. Yes, that Ben & Jerry.  The ice cream and beer giants continue to finalize plans for the beer, but we know it will be a sweet, cocoa-laced brew available this fall. And according to a relea...

Think of the children!

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I've been going through some articles I missed this year and have found some gems.  This one from Porch Drinking is great.  It's about the Ben & Jerry's / New Belgium cross promotion from earlier this year. “It’s...

Duclaw X-5 Sorachi Ace IPA Back on Tap!

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Duclaw Brewing Company's 5th experiemtn in the eXile series, X-5 Sorachi Ace IPA, is back on tap Thursday, June 14th at 11am. This medium bodied IPA blends the flavor and aromas of Japanese lemon grass with Sorachi Ac...

Cigar City to make “Impaled Ale” for GWAR B-Q

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Look, this is exactly what it sounds like: “Once again, we blow the horn of war and set into motion the gears that grind us towards the greatest GWAR B-Q yet,” said Brokie (AKA Oderus Urungus). “We will be shoving a ...